Sweetcorn Recipes

Sweetcorn Recipes

Sweetcorn is a small, sweet vegetable that's actually the result of a genetic mutation within the genes of the plant. It's picked whilst still young and immature, before it turns dry, and is eaten as a vegetable rather than a grain. You can buy sweetcorn fresh, frozen or tinned, and it can be prepared as a savoury dish or as a dessert. Take a look at the recipes below for inspiration, including a Thai sweetcorn pudding recipe and a bacon and sweetcorn chowder recipe.

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About Sweetcorn:

Sweetcorn is widely available in both the freezer section of your local supermarket and tinned, as well as fresh at certain times of the year. Fresh corn doesn't last very long, so if you want to use fresh sweetcorn, be sure to buy it as close as possible to the time that you're actually going to cook it to avoid it spoiling — and keep a backup of frozen or tinned on hand just in case!

Because sweetcorn has a light, sweet flavour, it can be cooked into desserts or turned into a dessert really easily — try baking it into a cake and try out our sweet sweetcorn cake recipe, or try our Thai sweetcorn pudding recipe. It also works brilliantly with spices, as it has such a gentle flavour, but it works equally as well with other soft and light flavours, which is why you'll often find sweetcorn in soups and chowders.

Take a look at the recipes above for new ways to prepare sweetcorn — we've got everything from a quiche recipe to a zingy sweetcorn salsa recipe, as well as a comforting sweetcorn lasagne recipe and a pork, prawn and sweetcorn soup recipe.

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